Save To Instapaper iOS shortcut

I’ve been using Instapaper for about ten years. It’s been a rock solid service for all this time. Unfortunately the share sheet extension started becoming unreliable on my iPhone recently. The share sheet extension would trigger and the animation would run, but sometimes the link wasn’t saved to my account. I know from having made an Automator script on my Mac that the Instapaper API returns an article number in the JSON response after a successful save. This is the confirmation of success I crave so I created an iOS shortcut to replace the standard Instapaper share sheet extension. This way I get visual confirmation that the API call has been successful. The shortcut takes a few seconds longer to run than the standard Instapaper share sheet extension, but the confirmation of a successful save is worth it.

Apple, rightfully so, makes it cumbersome to share shortcuts due to their concerns about privacy and security. The easiest way for me to share my shortcut here is by a simple screenshot. I’ve blacked out my account credentials. Worth noting that my password doesn’t have any characters that need escaping.

After creating the shortcut I had to change some settings in iOS to allow it to run, namely Settings > Shortcuts > Private Sharing on (this may have been required for me to share the shortcut with my other devices). I also had to run the shortcut from within the Shortcuts app at least once to prompt the phone to ask permission to access A few other settings are shown in the other screenshots below.

My Save To Instapaper shortcut as seen on my iPhone screen.

Details settings.

Privacy settings.