YouTube RSS feeds

Add a YouTube playlist or channel to your RSS feed so you don't have to visit the YouTube site directly and you don’t need to sign in to YouTube to keep up to date with new videos as they’re posted.

First you need to navigate to the YouTube channel you want to subscribe to. The URL might look something like:

Next you’ll need to view the source code of the web page. In Firefox this is accessed from the menu Tools > Browser Tools > Page Source. In Safari it’s Develop > Show Page Source. In Brave it’s View > Developer > View Source. You get the idea. You need to search the source code for a string of text that looks like the following. It’s easiest to search for “rssUrl”:


The URL you need to add to your RSS feed is the URL following the “rssUrl”, namely:

If you want to add a specific playlist, rather than a channel, it’s even easier and it doesn’t require viewing the page source code. Consider the URL of a playlist such as the following:

Notice the end part of the URL is a unique identifier for the playlist, in this case “PLn2RjxYNpcawXnVw1a1j4mfDDABpL8CPx”. The RSS feed URL for the playlist will have the following format, and notice how the playlist identifier is contained in the URL:

Sometimes the URL contains a query delimiter and other text after the playlist identifier. This will generally begin with an ampersand (&) and it does not form part of the playlist identifier. Disregard it. Only use the playlist identifier when creating the new RSS feed URL. Here’s an example of a playlist URL followed by its equivalent RSS feed URL. The extraneous characters which did not form part of the playlist identifier were “&index=6”: