Mazda 323 fuel logbook

I recently retired my 2003 Mazda 323 (BJ), that sported a 1.8 litre FP petrol engine. I kept a logbook of the refueling from the day I bought it, originally on paper. I digitised this a few years ago and kept a CSV file on my computer before moving to an iPhone app a couple of years ago.

The Mazda 323, circa 2009.

Here’s the complete logbook as a CSV file.

Yesterday I replaced my Mazda with a new petrol hatchback. I’ve moved back to a European brand despite my previous experience; the Peugeot 205 GTI I owned prior to the Mazda nearly bankrupted me, but it was a joy to drive. It would have been nice to buy something electric, but the infrastructure isn’t quite there and the economics doesn’t quite add up for my use case. Maybe my next car will be electric. I hope to keep my new car for more than ten years and I’ll post fuel data for it when I’m done with it. Stay tuned.

Fuel economy over the years. Moving average per ten refuels.

Petrol price over the years in Australia (mixed octane ratings).