Instapaper bookmarklet

Here’s a bookmarklet for saving a webpage to your Instapaper account from your web browser. Unlike the standard Instapaper bookmarklet it doesn’t require you to already be logged in to Instapaper or have cookies enabled in the browser.

Save to Instapaper <-- Drag this to your bookmarks bar.

You’ll need to edit the script to replace xxxxx with your email address and yyyyy with your password. This is achieved by right-clicking on it once it’s in the bookmarks bar and editing its properties. The script you need to edit begins with “javascript:” and it’s probably in a field called URL or address. Hopefully none of the characters in your password interfere with the javascript code.

When it works you’ll see a page with a bookmark_id (9 digits) as proof of success. You’ll now have to click your browser’s back button to return to the page you were on. If it fails you’ll see an error number (3 digits, eg. 403 means invalid username or password).

This is all pretty agricultural because I have no idea what I’m doing. After reading the Instapaper Simple API documentation I did a web search for “javascript bookmarklet” and this is the result. If I can work out how to obviate the need to click the browser’s back button after saving something I’ll update it.