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New Zealand Expedition: Photo Gallery

The photography element of the New Zealand Expedition was a success. Almost everyone who participated took a camera. Some people chose manual cameras, the sensible ones used automatics (sorry Jezza, couldn't resist). Panoramic and disposable cameras were also taken. The collection of photos is diverse. There are lots of people shots, action shots, peak climbs, summit shots, and scenic landscapes.

To see one of the below images at full size and resolution, simply click on it.

Sorting out gear and weighing it at the Mount Cook Airport before flying into the mountains.

One of the three groups. Simon, Graeme, Michael, Jeremy, Kynan, Russell.

Inside Kelman Hut.

Roping up in the morning before heading across the glacier.

Hochstedder Dome, left, and Mount Aylmer, upper right.

Russell on the summit of Mount Aylmer.

Preparing for the ascent of Mount Abel - done on swinging lead.

Simon leading on Mount Abel - 12 pitches thanks to a 40 metre rope.

On the summit of Abel. Kynan, Simon, Russell.

9144, Mount Abel, and some other peak :)

A party crossing the Tasman Glacier.

Clouds moving in late in the afternoon.

Walking down the Tasman Glacier.

Towards the end of the dry-ice section of glacier approaching the moraine.

A side valley of the Tasman Glacier.

One of our guides, Ray, soaking up the scenery at one of our many breaks during the moraine crossing.

Sunset over the Tasman Glacier.