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New Zealand Expedition

photo/smallimages/E-3s.jpg - Sunset over the Tasman Glacier

On 17 January 1997, 14 students travelled to the Mount Cook National Park for a seven day mountaineering course with Alpine Guides Mount Cook. The aim of the course was to expose the participants to a new type of climbing that they had previously not had the chance to explore. Many of the students who went to New Zealand had never seen snow or been in an alpine environment before. In preparation for the expedition a number of climbing camps and hikes were run as well as an outdoor education program to teach the group members various skills that were applied to the expedition.

Background/Trip Information

Trip Reports

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Participant Profiles

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Quotes From The Trip

"Ooh, I'm big. Once you've played with it you'll know what I mean." Iain while explaining a video game at the airport.

"These aren't nachos, I can count the chips!" Owen after recieving a poor excuse for nachos at an unnamed restaurant.

"I like to just open it up and put my tool in it." Jonathon explaining the finer points of snow-anchor back-up systems.

"I don't have two hands." Simon holding a cup of coffee.

"Basically, if it rains we're in the poo." Ray planning the next day's bivy.

Special thanks to Graeme, Jo, Gregg, Hollywood High School, Augusta Pub, Mount Cook Tavern, Cullen Wines, Volvo, Conservation and Land Management (CALM). The events, characters, and firms depicted in this web-documentary are fictitious. Any similarity to actual persons, living or dead, or to actual events or firms is purely coincidental.