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Climbing: Wilyabrup Sea Cliffs

Wilyabrup is one of the most popular climbing areas of the south-west. Willy's is a granitic gneiss sea cliff up to 40 metres in height with limestone amongst it in parts. Climbing of all grades can be found here, mostly trad climbing on discontinuous cracks. Hope, One For The Road, and Mob Job are a few of the classics. Coming off Caves Road, about 15 kilometres south of Yallingup, is a gravel / dirt track (Wilyabrup Road) heading west (intersection at 33 deg 48 min 21.1 sec S. 115 deg 01 min 53.4 sec E). Follow this for about two kilometres and park where you see the school mini bus. Cross the fence on the south side of the carpark and walk west, towards the coast. A few hazards of Wilyabrup - large groups of recreational abseilers, strong winds resulting in a lack of communication, tourists throwing rocks off the top, and snakes.

The Wilyabrup Sea Cliffs viewed from the north.

Muel seconding Heavy Metal (grade 24).

I'm protecting the overhang of One For The Road (grade 19).

Attempting the overhanging section - but I fell four times on my trusty number ten hex and never finished it :(