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Climbing: Darlington Boulders

The Darlington Boulders is a collection of granite boulders located in the eastern outskirts of Perth in the suburb of Darlington. It is accessed by taking Nelson Road up to the Darlington Winery. Park on the right, before the entrance to the winery. Walk along the road which becomes gravel, continuing past the entrance to the winery and over a lowered pole which blocks vehicular access. A track leading up and left should be noticed after about ten minutes of walking, do not take this track but continue along the main track. After a total of 20 to 30 minutes walking there will be a small clearing on the left of the track about the size of a car, a smaller track continues from here down the valley to the boulders, a few minutes further. Most of the climbs at Darlington are bolted sport climbs, but a few classic trad routes such as Fryaway and Slot Machine can be found. Climbing here in summer can be most unpleasant and several litres of water should be taken, the stream water should not be considered safe for drinking. Watch out for snakes, loose rock, scorching hot rock, and abrasive rock. In summer, it is advised to wear gaiters for protection against the snakes.

Simon leading Fryaway (grade 13).